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 Far Cry 2

We've recently started developing Far Cry 2 maps and we are releasing a map pack.  Check out the Far Cry 2 section for more details.

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See our current projects on our projects page and give us some ideas. 



Welcome to F.M.L. Studios.  Here you can view everything regarding our movie/video game producing company.


 Left 4 Dead!!!

We are still working on Left 4 Dead mapping and modding.  Our first project, "Urban Awakening," is under construction at the moment.



See what's up on the news page.

-Looking for cast and crew to begin Left 2 Die.

-New flash games in development.

-New test films on youtube.

-Several new video game ideas.

-New members of F.M.L. Studios.



Become a participating member of F.M.L. Studios.  Go to the join Us page. 


Go to the movies page to see about our past, present, and upcoming movies.

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